Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

ElseWare AGV

A typical Else AGV system usually includes some form of warehouse management, either a smaller buffer warehouse or a larger warehouse with several thousand pallet spaces. The warehouses are then often built up in some form of high-density solution, such as shuttle warehouses or mobile pallet racks.

For the system to work reliably and efficiently, the following functions, which are all included in Else’s delivery, are needed.

Order management
Else is responsible for distributing orders in an order queue from the WMS. Orders need to be managed and sequenced depending on process flows and the utilization of resources (Floor space, AGVs, Shuttles and mobile pallet racks).

Inventory planning
Selection of storage spaces based on the optimal utilization of the resources available.

Job allocation
Else applies “dual job allocation.” This means that tasks are planned and more than one task is placed on an AGV at a time. As a result, driving with empty fork lifts is avoided and productivity is significantly increased in larger systems with several AGVs.